Le Guerno : Branféré Zoo

Animal park
Landscape study
Animal – human contact
Restoration of vegetation

Client :
Fondation de France –
SA Branféré

BASE – Team representative

Budget project (base) / 4 M€
Budget entire zoo project / 24 M€
Surface / 40 ha
Phase 1 / completed in 2017
Phase 2 / completed in 2018

The 40 ha animal and botanical landscape park of Branféré offers visitors contact with animals which have evolved in semi freedom.

The task given to BASE by the Fondation de France and the management of the park is made up of two distinct components: the creation of a guide plan at the scale of the whole park and the conception of animal enclosures.

The guide plan of the Branféré park develops a prospective reflection on the logic behind the landscaping of the park. It includes the anticipation of woodland renewal, the restructuring of visitor circuits, the enrichment of habitats, the definition of botanical collections, the conception of a new range of signage and furniture and the leverage of playful functions of the park. Our mission as project manager is to shape specific designs which are adapted to the animals concerned.  We have to create living conditions that assure the well being of the animal in question, integrating specific conditions for each species, creating a landscape stage which lends itself to the experience of discovery by the visitor. At Branféré we have developed a lemur island, a rhinoceros enclosure, an otter basin, a marine space with seals and penguins, a pedagogical farm and an entrance to the park.

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