Marseille : The Old Port

Tourism in the city
Pedestrianised public space
Landscape guide plan
Events space

Client :
Marseille Provence 2013

BASE + Reichen & Robert urbanistes + Ribi + Narboni
+ Nez-Hauts scénographes

Marseille / Bouches-du-Rhône
Budget / 63 M€
Surface / 350 ha
Competition / 2010

The square of the old port of Marseille acts as a doorway into the city and a window towards the sea.

Marseille 2013 European Capital of Culture is an opportunity to improve the image of the city and to imagine new potential projects. We believe the quayside should be free to access for all. To symbolise a new appropriation of the space and an end to the years of privatisation the square of the Old Port by is marked by specific colours. The key stake here is to establish a new free access to the waterside.

The ground is coloured in blue and white, reminding us of the water and limestone elements on site.

The square opens out towards the city. A semi-pedestrian route infiltrates into the city centre. This bike and pedestrian route is lined by a stream of water which encourages the growth of vegetation in the streets of Marseille. Along this band of fresh vegetation there is public space furniture and areas of shadow and light; it is a green highway.

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