Paris : Belleville Playground

Sloped ground
Geo technical
Wood carpentry
Child safety

Client :
Vile de Paris / DEVE
BASE – Team representative
+ TERRASOL BET géotechnique + Luc Mas consultant jeux

Budget / 1,1 M€
Surface / 1000 m2
Completed / 2008

In 2004, the municipality of Paris consulted us about the refurbishment of the playground in the Belleville Park in the 20th Arrondissement. The project was our first constructed playground.

It was a wonderful opportunity for us to develop our practice in this new area of construction, to take on a topic that we are passionate about and to establish a new approach to playground design. Through pedagogical workshops put in place by the council, we listened to the locals. These workshops for children and adults allowed us to understand the desires of the community concerned and the main objectives of the client. It was here that we developed the fundamental notion of risk taking risk on which we based the design.

Our following work consisted of synthesising and interpreting the wishes of the public to create a spatial response which was both true to the brief and original. This project stays to this day one of our most published projects. In 2015 it was rated one of the 10 best playgrounds in the world on the american website

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