Duingt : Saint François Square

Village centre
Village crossing
Urban development
Aquatic garden

Commune de Duingt

+ ALEP architectes

Budget / 800 000 €
Surface / 1,3 Ha
Completed / 2016

The Saint Francois square establishes continuity with the mountains around the Annecy Lake through the design of public spaces in the village.

Increasing density is key to development in the village today and the Saint Francois square helps guide this regeneration by setting out clear boundaries. The ancient plot lines inspire a new urban fabric; a ‘pedestrianised garden’ which connects the different public spaces; from the square to the historic village. The development of the square is part of an all round initiative to re-address car parking and reduce vehicular circulation.

By taking advantage of the exceptional topographic and hydrographic context of the site and reducing the ruptures created by the vehicular road network, we create a continuity between public spaces beyond the square; from the village to the mountain to the lake. Increasing density in the village centre and re-establishing boundaries revitalises the area, creating a delicate urban fabric inspired by the ancient parcel lines, a ‘pedestrianised garden’ which links the historic village together.

Prefiguring the installation of a new hamlet.

For this prefiguration , we worked on four emblematic spaces. The major public space; Saint Francois square, is treated in a mineral hardscape with trapezoidal shapes, drawing attention to the shore of the lake where there is also a wooden jetty.

Next we proposed to transform the main road running through the village into a more urban friendly layout. The new market square is a central place for activities; a place to assemble. A space is reserved for a future market hall, which will symbolise the new image of the village; a contemporary place anchored in history. The pedestrian now takes priority. The pathways around the church, with large steps, bordered by a wetland garden along the path of a buried stream make this space an attractive location.

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