Paris Pantin : Diderot Park

Urban park
Feasibility study
Public space
School groups
Meeting area

Client :
Ville de Pantin

BASE Team representative
+ Attitudes Urbaines

Pantin / Seine-Saint-Denis
Surface / 1,5 ha
Study / 2013

Parc Diderot is a community park by the Quatre Chemins area in Pantin.

Whilst it overlooks the neighbourhood, it is poorly integrated and is associated with antisocial behaviour (squatters, motorbike racing, fly tipping) which harms the park image. Visibility in the park is blocked by the building facades and fences. The microtopography in the space makes areas non accessible meaning that the residents only use 75% of the available space. Furthermore, the current standard layout encourages flow predominantly towards the centre of the park, leaving spaces around the edge poorly frequented.

We made the following propositions:

  • To relink the Quatre Chemins neighbourhood with the Fort d’Aubervilliers with pedestrian paths completing the soft connections network around the park.
  • To remove the mounds, whilst still preserving remarkable trees and vegetation as well as the existing entrances.
  • To develop the park along a north-south axis, letting the park extend beyond the fences in the south.
  • To propose a program with an active central esplanade (skating area, a grandstand with terraced steps, a large open surface with play elements painted on the ground, events space) sports grounds and playgrounds.
  • To establish flow throughout the site between the meeting areas.
  • To plant the edges densely with shrubs and trees to act as a buffer, leaving an open central space with lawns ideal for relaxation and leisure activities.

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