Le Tampon : Volcano Park

Public space
Project management
Natural park
Tourist program
Native vegetation
Ecological Interpretation

Client :

BASE – Team representative + Univert Durable + SUEZ + Study Case architecte + Biotope + Systèm D (expert tourisme) + Parcours conseil (expert équestre)

Bourg Murat
Budget / 15 M€
Surface / 46 ha
Completion / 2021

Thanks to a close collaboration with the ONF (National Forests Office) the park also demonstrates the need for better awareness of the environment and landscape permeability.

With an environmentally friendly, ecological, playful, sports based program, the park appeals to a wide range of users and is adaptable for events. In order to manage such a large project offering interactive and diverse activities, we applied a global landscaping and time management strategy. The design enhances awareness of the volcanic landscape, the importance of the native vegetation and the cyclical nature of the seasons. There is also space for horse riding and other sports activities.

As a result, the park is a natural inhabited space, an oasis; a fresh breath of air. It links the surrounding natural protected spaces with the edge of Bourg Murat. This project was made possible thanks to innovative environmental solutions that form a principled ecological system that supports the local economy and leisure sector. Evoking the volcano, the playground “The Ascent of the Volcano” visually merges into the the natural landscape of the Plaine des Cafres with the use of natural wooden materials. It has been the center point of a prefiguration study for the whole park, which will be completed in 2021.

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