Montéléger : Lorient Park

Project management
Public space
Historical park
Ecological environments
Proximity to nature
Intensity of uses

Client :
Département de la Drome


Montéléger / Drôme
Surface area / 17 ha
Budget / 1 M€
Completion / 2017

The Lorient Park is a hybrid space; historical, rural, natural and peri-urban.

The land belongs to the Drôme department and is classified as a sensitive natural space (ENS). As such, it falls under a detailed management plan. Before our intervention, the park’s equipments and pathways were in a state of decay; the landscape seemed scattered and there was no strong sense of identity.

To address these issues, our project focused on improving ease of use, strengthening its identity, enhancing ecological diversity and creating new flexible spaces, allowing for different uses.

We designed a master plan detailing the main phases of the park’s renovation, then undertook the first phase of the landscape works. We also collaborated with a creative team, the collective ‘Dérive’, that managed collaborative creative workshops leading to the collective design of key and durable structures that were built on site.

crédit photo : Juan Robert et Collectif Dérive

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