Aubervilliers : Fort

Urban park
Fort Vauban
Family gardens

Client :
Plaine Commune


Aubervilliers / Seine-St-Denis
Budget / 35 M€
Surface area / 8 ha
Study / 2008

In 2006, the Plaine Commune selected a team led by the AUC to explore ideas for this site.

Over the last two decades, several architectural, landscape and urban propositions have been made for this site. A strategic location in the north of Paris, it has an enormous potential.

No less than 5 parks can be offered within this site.

  • The garden promenade is largely an open landscape planted with low shrubs, offering a view over the community gardens.
  • The park on the ramparts is a woodland landscape, ideal for a stroll. It overlooks the battlements and offers a stunning view of the site and a panorama of the surrounding area.
  • The lawn at the centre of the site is a convivial space where the different parts of the fort come together. It is a completely open space which can be used for events.
  • The botanical garden is found in the fort moat; an unusual space which is naturally cut off from the surrounding area. This environment with wetland zones and shady areas favours a distinctive fauna and flora.
  • The recreative terraced gardens feature playgrounds with lots of character. Low level planting preserves the view of the surroundings.

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