Roubaix : Ecological corridor

Urban park
Project management
Urban networks
Soft transport/Corridors

Client :
Ville de Roubaix

BASE – Team representative
+ CSD Environnement + AEU
+ Atelier Vrignaud

Roubaix / Nord
Budget / 3,4 M€
Surface / 17 ha
Competition / 2011

The Roubaix ecological corridor and the spaces associated with it makes up 17 hectares and will reinforce the ecological network on a metropolitan scale.

Today, Roubaix suffers from a lack of green space, in particular public green space. If we consider the Barbieux park as a green lung for the south of the city, this leaves only 1 m2 of green space per inhabitant in the Fresnoy-Mackellerie neighbourhood.

The landscape project supports the ecological corridor network, highlighting the existing spatially rich spaces whilst also affirming a landscape identity.  The design uses a particular vocabulary to translate this identity to the corridor; paths, furniture, vertical elements, fencing and signage creates a simple language, identifiable throughout the project site. Landscape transitions between the existing and new vegetation reconnects different parts of the corridor.

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