Bernex : Agro-urban Park

Urban park
Agro-cultural park
Mountainous landscape
Educational farm

République et Canton de Genève

BASE Team Representative
+ TOA architectes + Franck

Bernex / Suisse
Surface / 16 ha
Competition / 2013

Our intention was connect the PSD Bernex with the existing surrounding agricultural land through developing a public park which would create a direct and continuous relationship between agriculture and the urban environment.

As opposed to creating conflicts of use, this would create an interface adding value to the surrounding landscape, supporting agriculture and different leisure programs. In the short to medium term, a traditional defined linear agricultural zone creates visual interface with the park. This intra urban farm offers educational opportunities and interaction with the public. The farm is directly connected to a tram network. The existing woodland both reinforces and protects the urban identity of the site.

This flexible management strategy allows the project to be gradually integrated into the surrounding context. It establishes a new urban and landscape development logic between agriculture and the city. The area will evolve, adapting to future needs and constraints as well as to the demands of the local residents.

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