Berlin : Tempelhof

Urban park
International competition
Architectural heritage
Urban agriculture
Renewable energy

Client :
Ville de Berlin

BASE Team Representative
+ anOtherArchitect
+ AEU + Transolar

Berlin / Germany
Budget / 60 M€
Surface / 300 ha
Competition / 2011

This project involved the conversion of the historic West Berlin airport, built in the 1920s, emblem of the cold war.

This airport played a decisive role in the air lift supplying the city during the famous blockade. Our task was to imagine a progressive transformation of the 300 hectares of runways and grass in the heart of the german capital. We envisioned themed hubs with sports, cultural, recreational, ecological or economic activities.

The historic elements on the site were conserved, used as a foundation for the two promenades and for the Internationalen Bauausstellung Berlin de 2017. The german landscape architecture festival, Landesgartenschau also brings the site to life.

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