Montrouge : crédit agricole

Urban park
Concerted Development Area (ZAC)
Urban links
Fluvial landscape
Soft transport networks

Client :
Crédit Agricole

BASE – Team representative
+ OGI + ON

Montrouge / Hauts-de-Seine
Budget / 3 M€
Surface / 2 ha
Competition / 2010

The aim was to create an mixture of feelings in the gardens. Making an environment which is both native and exotic, both local and far away.

Co visibility between public spaces and the different floors of the office buildings creates an open spirit in the garden. Different aspects of the garden create opportunities for contemplation. Viewpoints are found within the garden or emerging from the distance. Footbridges and observation points offer an opportunity to appreciate the different perspectives within the garden.

The green commitment of Credit Agricole is reflected by in the active ecological approach to this unique garden. It is entirely dedicated to the protection of the Wollemi Pine, an ancient australian plant, which is a highly endangered species; only around 100 remain in the wild. The entrepreneurial dynamic of the company is expressed through local, global and exotic species. The garden is productive, it cultivates culture, holds events. In a sense the garden feeds us.

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