Bordeaux Euratlantique

Rehabilitation of public spaces
Childrens play
Sports equipment
Neighbourhood square

Client :
EPA Bordeaux Euratlantique
+ Reichen & Robert urbaniste
+ Ad Valorem

Surface / 160 ha
Budget / 150 M€
Date / 2011-2020

The Saint Jean Belcier neighbourhood was developed to the right of the chalky plateau at the centre of Bordeaux, on a bed of clay, which originates from the marshy ground of Estey Majou fed by the Ars stream.

This substrate of peaty clay and gravel has also been named «terres de borde» and «terre de grave» much like the fertile viticulture soil above Bordeaux with “appellation contrôlée” status. It is this resonance between the natural conditions and the adaptation of man to his environment which must continue to guide the development of the city.

This approach could give the town ‘AOC: Appellation d’Origine Climatique’ status. The reintegration of the Saint Jean and Belcier areas into their natural environment takes into account each neighbourhood and how they will be able to commune with the river. This research creates a new dialogue which improves contact between the public space and the river banks but also involves enlarging the river banks to create a vast space for a promenade which connects the docks with the river banks of the Bègles. The Garonne is exploited in order to develop the vegetated benches, supporting a specific fluvial biodiversity. The creation of a ‘river branch’ at the heart of the neighbourhood introduces a fluvial dynamic and reinforces the original ecological continuity between the basin pouring into the Ars stream and the river.

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