Haute-Saône : Territorial workshops

Territorial project
Large landscape study
Ministerial policy
Tourist positioning
Agriculture and natural resources

Client :
DREAL Franche-Comté / Min. de l’écologie et du dd

+ RIO architectes-urbanistes
+ CSD environnement + Attitudes Urbaines programmation

completed / 2013

Haute-Saone is a vast, mainly agricultural territory traversed by the Saône. Many municipalities are no longer growing despite having a lot of potential for development of green tourism which could be introduced by the barge routes.

Our mission, in collaboration with local stakeholders, was initially to synthesise the “gems” of the territory; proposing a program and some spatial reorganisation (paths, nautical bases, urban development…). The main attraction of the territory was the Saône; a key focus for redevelopment.

Secondly, and once the project aims were accepted, it was a matter of producing action sheets that served as a support and reference for local stakeholders so that they could engage in the project themselves. These action sheets organised set out the project time frames according to place and theme, the overall costs, the stakeholders or institutions to contact, the regulatory files to be taken into account, and the possible grant files to be put together. We hope that with this complete booklet, the different municipalities can implement the projects that we prefigured in the feasibility studies.

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