Cornebarrieu : Children’s centre

School facility
Project management
Galleries of vegetation
Climatic landscape

Contractor :

+ SCAPE architecture

Cornebarrieu / Haute-Garonne
budget / 8,3 M€
surface / 1,3 ha
completed / 2015

The openness and fluidity of a space and its boundaries helps children to develop a relational experience through interaction with both interior and exterior spaces.

The exterior spaces all have their specific uses. First of all, planting in intervals forms a kind of barrier. These screens manage and distinguish the vis à vis and filter the light and heat on the southern side of the site. In other areas of the site they will be pruned in order to create visual guides from one functional entity to another helping to establish a pretext for enlightenment, for discovery and for observing nature: flowers, nest birds, fauna.

Next, we consider lessons; open play spaces framed by learning and teaching spaces are like strips of rolled out carpet. These spaces alternating in a polychromatic and material way, offer a vast space for collective play in the open air. Next, the interior galleries; 4 metres large, closed and covered are incorporated in the exterior spaces, are closed and covered places similar to outdoor places, bathed in overhead light and planted with large leafy trees. At the heart of the canteen, these trees will be sheathed in translucent casts allowing them to benefit from the external climatic conditions while offering children an astonishing a visual and tactile element to the children. These are places for recreation which benefit from a micro climate. FInally the vegetated parking lot assures space for car parking.

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