Bures : EDF Archive centre

Landscape insertion
Filtration gardens
Forest plantations
Rural landscape

Client :

+ LAN architecte (Team Representative)
+ Michel Forgue économiste

Bures / Meuse
Budget / 17 M€
Surface / 6 ha
Completed / 2012

The initial objective for the design of the exterior spaces of the archive centre was to integrate the new building in its agricultural territory creating harmony on a visual and ecological level.

Henceforth, the integration in the surrounding territory is played out on three axis. Agriculture, with its productive and utilitarian nature. Geography with its morphology, its logic of implantation, its balance between extensive culture and wooded reserves. And environment; the economy of energy, materials, costs and the treatment of water. Thus the exterior spaces are composed of a succession of planted strips staggered over the site, perpendicular to the slope. These planted bands represent either closed wooded spaces, open spaces of flowering meadow or lagoon.

In order to give a dynamic and experimental character to the landscape in keeping with its agricultural past and its new function, the plots of woodland are managed and exploited using different techniques.

– direct sowing

– planting of saplings on bare ground (a classic planting method usually reserved for forestry production)

-mixed planting (diverse settlements regrouping subjects according to their state of development – different and varied species)

Crédits photo : JULIEN LANOO

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