Brussels : Gare du Midi

Urban project
Multimodal hub
Master scheme
Urban connections
Territorial integration

Contractor :
Région Bruxelles-Capitale

+ François Leclercq urbanistes
+ BOB361 + Richez associés
+ Une fabrique de la ville
+ Transitec + Atelier 59
+ Eric Corjin

Brussels / Belgium
Study area / 500 ha
Operational area / 150 ha
Competition / 2013

An international doorway to the capital of Europe (TGV) the station opens out towards Cureghem, a popular neighbourhood for immigrants, with a very strong grass roots movement.

Given the site is important, the project takes into account the context and responds in a positive way to two of the main challenges. We want to create an entrance to the aspiring capital of Europe and as well as to the Cureghem working class district and the canal. The Gare du Midi occupies a strategic place in the development of the surrounding neighbourhoods. Its position between the historical town centre, the Saint Gilles neighbourhood and the Anderlecht neighbourhood gives it potential to reactivate and to reintegrate the surrounding territories into the dutch agglomeration. The question of public space is essential to support this development, creating a shared, mixed and animated town.

Up until now, the Gare du Midi hasn’t developed the necessary links to reconnect these areas. The rail infrastructure marks a clear division between the residential neighbourhood of Saint Gilles and the mutating Anderlecht neighbourhood. It seemed essential to us to rethink these links on a territorial scale in order to connect these spaces to existing facilities and to create a contextual dynamic of development between the public spaces. That is to say to use the positive aspects of the town to rethink the site and address the problematic issues. Our ambition therefore is to interrogate these spaces, expanding them and bringing them much needed character.

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