DIVONNE-LES-BAINS : Development of the station neighbourhood

Squares / Roads
Fountain construction
Soft transport links
Reuse of railway infrastructure

Client :
Mairie de Divonne-les-Bains

ARDISSA immobilier
+ BASE + Exndo architectures

Divonne-les-Bains / Ain
Budget / 9.2 M€
Surface / 13 ha
Competition 2016

The project site is found at the heart of a territorial system characterised by the landscape around Lake Geneva.

It is important to take into account the fact that the wider landscape is an asset which can infiltrate the urban environment. Similarly, water plays a key role in a quality urban environment. A neighbourhood becomes attractive as a result of the synergy between public space, habitat and program, including everyday sport practices.

Elements of nature are found throughout the public space; in the new gardens installed at the foot of the station, in particular viewpoints or in the small plots of land linked to the domestic culture of vegetable production. Flexible, multifunctional, reversible spaces continue to evolve and develop alongside changing lifestyles whilst a mixed program enhances social function in the public space. A unique and attractive object, the folly is an architectural element punctuating the footpath. As well as a place to play, rest and contemplate, it offers a view towards the Alps, the Jura and the castle . It is a true architectural ‘surprise’; this folly becomes a point of reference for the new station neighbourhood.

Artists can get involved with the folly on a seasonal basis. This programmable space sets the pace for events and culture in the future area, becoming an integral element of the town.

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