La Teste de Buch : Pyla Eco-neighbourhood

Coastal environment
Soft links
Marine environment
Ecological corridor

Client :
Altarea / COGEDIM

BASE + François Leclercq urban architects – Team representative

La Teste de Buch / Gironde
Budget / 4,2 M€
Study / 2012

Geographical elements appear in succession from the west to the south; a dune planted with young oaks, a plateau on which sit the buildings of the Jean Hameau hospital, and an old oak woodland.

When revealed and highlighted, this “geographic encounter” in such a unique landscape, ensures quality of life for the future residents of the Pyla eco-neighbourhood. The project is about blending the buildings into the surrounding vegetation using a system of variable densities and typologies.

Car parking is partly underground or located under the existing hospital buildings. Pockets of landscaped parking areas are provided for the housing on the eastern and northern parts of the site whilst villas and individual housing have their own parking spaces. We also proposed to establish a wetland, a unique public space, landscaped with a body of water (a system of drainage ditches fed by rain water run off from the neighbouring housing) and a collective garden.

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