REIMS : Central Station

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Urban study
Territorial study
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François Leclercq – Team Representative + BASE paysagiste + SAFEGE + RR&A + Louis BERGER + ALPHAVILLE

Reims Métropole
REIMS / Champagne Ardenne
Surface area / 100 ha
Studies / 2015-2016

The town of Reims asked a group of urban designers to produce a master plan of the central station area.

Whilst this area is defined by an extremely rich cultural (champagne) architectural (antique vestiges, art nouveau) and landscape (massives, structuring alignments and ancient parks) heritage, the area is fragmented and hard to access. The ‘Diagnosis’ phase of the study involved restoring the relationship between the town and its wider territory, understanding its importance, its geography, the edges, culture and soil.

Studying the history of the urban form also allowed us to understand how the underlying structure evolved and why certain nodes are problematic today. This project is about considering the site on the scale of the perimeter from Vesle in the south to the 12th Escadre in the north (100 ha) Different zoomed in scenarios touch on the brownfield site in Sernam, the cemetery in the North and the Place de la halle in Boulingrin (18 ha.) The team also took part in the bid to redesign 20 hectares of  historical promenades.

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