Montbéliard : anti-garden

Leisure park
Project management
Tourist park
Exterior scenography
Water and sounds entertainment

Client :
Communauté d’agglomération
du pays de Montbéliard

BASE paysagistes – Team representative
+ atelier LAB architectes + ASA scénographes + PV2D + BETIC

Budget / 8,6 M€
Surface / 17 ha
Date / 2007

The anti-garden was created in collaboration with Alain Berthoz, professor of cognitive science at the Collège de France.

Located on the Ile of Mont Bart at the heart of Montbéliard-Sochaux, the science park includes paying and public zones. Covering 17 hectares it includes a Rose Garden which is linked with the science and technology centre.

We won the bid for the project in 2005, proposing 30 exterior and interior activities taking place along a trail, offering a visual and cognitive experience, playing with the sense of movement through all 5 senses. The project management team (landscape architect, architect, scenographer and engineer) is working in collaboration with a scientific committee, led by professor Berthoz.

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