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Heritage is key to the identity of a place.

The challenge on heritage sites is revealing the intrinsic qualities of a place whilst still respecting its history, its archeological, vegetal and landscape heritage. Buildings preserved on a site have a lot of potential for renovation and repurpose; an old building with new uses. We focus on revealing archeological traces, exploiting and re-using existing materials or using remains for creation.

Logique militaire | Lyon : Place d’Armes (Blandan)

Recyclage des pavés | Nantes : Banks of the île de Nantes

The furniture’s stones originate from destroyed building| Lyon : Blandan Park

Stone recycling | Lyon : Blandan park

Ancien site de la manufacture d’Armes | St Etienne : Cité du design

Highlighting archeological traces | Lillebonne EANA : Valasse Abbey Park

Réaménagement d’un site minier | St Etienne : Couriot


Rennes : Saint-Martin meadows

Nantes : The embankments of the île de Nantes

Lyon : Blandan park

Lyon : Place d’Armes and Sardou Parvis

St-Étienne : Cité du design

Lillebonne EANA : Valasse Abbey Park

St-Étienne : Couriot

Gray : Lycée Fertet – Revamp of the Boichut building / square