A garden, if wild,  emphasises the notion of physical risk taking in nature.

In a time when our relationship with nature has become so controlled that it feels anaesthetised, there is a growing demand for adventure. The “adventurous garden” offers an immersive and direct experience with nature. It is 4×4 vehicle territory, only for pedestrians this time. It is the off-road motocross track for walking racers, a piece of the Dakar Rally devoted to town footwear. The intrepid garden exposes the soil breathing under our feet as it is moving, growing and sometimes crumbling.


Rennes : St-Martin meadows

Lyon : Blandan park

St-Étienne : Cité du design

Lillebonne EANA : Parc de l’Abbaye du Valasse

Le Guerno : Zoo de Branféré

Versailles : Caserne de Cröy

Rennes : Crematorium