Pyla-Sur-Mer : Dune du Pilat Welcome village

Emblematic site
Public reception
Wood decking
Protected site
Building rehabilitation

Client :
SM de la Grande Dune du Pilat

BASE paysagistes
+ Aldebert Verdier architecte

Budget / 1,3 M€
Surface area / 9 ha
Project ongoing / 2018

The Dune du Pilat with both its strength and fragility re enforces a collective fascination. Particular conditions need to be maintained in order to preserve the site and  to accommodate visitors.

The label of a ‘Grand Site’ is the mark of a management system which conforms to sustainable development strategies and a quality visitor experience. It means there is an ambition to enhance the value of the site and to reveal its exceptional character. This project give us an opportunity to affirm and establish a new approach to the site, creating a phased solution in technical, programmatic and functional coherence with the growing number of visitors to this attractive site which is also in keeping with the poetry of the site and environmental factors at stake.

Consider the site on a micro to macro scale; each grain of sand evolves amongst millions of cubic metres of sand. In the same way, each visitor (around 2 million each year,) must be welcomed and guided, alone or in a group, without disturbing the balance of the site.

This is about bringing the welcome village up to standard in terms of accessibility whilst still conserving the original spirit of the site; to renew its image for better coherence between the the scenography, the visitor experience and the approach to the natural monument.

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