Paris : Nursing home

Project management
Elderly nursing home

Client :

BASE + Avenier et Cornejo
+ EVP Ingénieurs
+ B52 + Forgue

Paris 20e / France
Budget / 9,5 M€
Surface area / 4,4 ha
Competition winner / 2015
Under construction

A continuation of the building from the entrance hall, the garden will provide a peaceful and friendly space for residents and families.

The garden is organised around a practical and easy to use path which is suitable for people with reduced mobility. The route through the garden is shaded by vegetation, creating a woodland atmosphere. At the top of each ramp along the promenade there is a level landing space with suitable furniture creating an opportunity to pause, sit and rest. Given the relatively small surface area of the garden, the challenge is to carry out the project whilst maintaining the existing atmosphere and intimate proportions of the space.

It was therefore necessary to reflect on the existing ground condition and the future architectural project of the nursing home. This garden is in keeping with the times; the soil cultivation strategy was completely overhauled and the space is distinguished thanks to noble and clear materials which create clean lines, contrasting with the bushy vegetation and large trees. Whilst it was considered slightly hostile before, it is now lighter and warmer; a revived green courtyard with a simple modernity in the 20th arrondissement.

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