Décines-Charpieu : Grand Large Eco-neighbourhood

Public space
Landscape foundation
Urban integration
Economical soil management
Maintaining the water cycle

Client : Private

+ Sud architectes + SOTREC Ingénierie + EODD Ingénierie
+ MVA Consultancy

Décines-Charpieu / Rhône
Budget / 25 M€
AVP / 2013
Completion / 2015-2020

This future eco neighbourhood, east of the Décines commune, at the entrance of the city, will be located on a 16ha site with an industrial past.

It will be located in a priority residential urbanisation area and eventually will be adjoined to the Grand Stade. The project draws on its location with various strategic points articulating the site; the Stade des Lumières at Olympique Lyonnais and its leisure center, tram stations, the major link to the city of Meyzieu, the Grand Large reserve nearby and the connection with the East Lyonnais ring road. Urban frontages have been established in order to protect the eco neighbourhood from the bordering North and South automobile axes whilst the east and west parts of the site will become more permeable.

In order to form an outcome appropriate to the sector in terms of use as well as composition, the landscape draws on the structure of the surrounding landscape which  is made up of very varied landscape typologies: the V-Vert agricultural plain, woodland areas, the riparian forest around the Grand Large water reserve and other communal green spaces. A major axis of soft transport diagonally crosses the district, punctuated by facilities and services which activate the neighbourhood. The heart of the site, penetrated by the diagonal axis, is protected by the surrounding urban axes; it is peaceful, with lush, densely planted spaces. In order to address the key environmental demands of an eco-neighbourhood, the landscaping project incorporates economical soil management, maintenance of the water cycle and significant planting of spaces.

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