Menucourt : Pièce d’Alçon Development Area

Urban project management
Local park
Social mixing
Ecological management

Client :
Cergy-Pontoise Aménagement

BASE – Team representative
+ MGAU architecte

Budget / 4 M€
Surface / 15 ha
Completed / 2017

In order to reinforce the interface between the urban and agricultural areas of Alcon, particular attention is paid to the treatment of urban and agricultural edges and the creation of visual continuity and transversal links.

The landscape plan of the Alcon concerted development area (ZAC) preserves several ecological corridors.

-The Talweg park supports the maintenance of a green corridor favouring the movement of species between the woodland of Hautil and the forest of Orient. It includes a sinuous stream which encourages biodiversity.

-The landscape interface on the south west fringe of the site involves the creation of a buffer zone between the buildings and the agricultural land.

-The extension of the agricultural hedgerow to the west of the centre creates a biodiverse relay area favourable for nesting birds.

-A second more invasive landscape grid assures the penetration of vegetation into the heart of the urban development, right up to the foot of the buildings. This second network is supported by a network of hedges (linked to the hedgerows) A system of ditches demarcates the parcel creating a screen of vegetation and planting at the foot of the buildings.

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