Martinique : Volga beach

Urban restructuring
Urban project management
Urban re-characterisation
Neighbourhood facilities

Client :
Agence des 50 pas géométriques de la Martinique

+ Urbis urbanistes
+ Pile et Face architectes

Fort-de-France / Martinique
Budget / 12,6 M€
Surface / 30 ha
Completed / 2020

In 1958, a handful of men and women came to occupy the site of what is now known as the Volga.

Volga is a dense neighbourhood, lacking in sanitation and difficult to access. The pedestrian streets, although numerous, are cramped and difficult to navigate. The density, along with road congestion generates serious problems particularly around accessibility, public transport and the emergency services (fire brigade, ambulance, etc.).

The restructuring of the neighbourhood involves ‘irrigating’ the neighbourhood; opening up the road network and re-scaling the main roads. Courtyards will be opened up by demolishing unsanitary housing or at risk areas and new housing will be built. Local public spaces will be developed; featuring simple installations which can include work by artists and be appropriated by residents.

A study on parking across the neighbourhood will work to help decongest parking in the streets, giving pedestrians more space. The strip of land that separates the neighbourhood from the shoreline will be transformed into a wide planted promenade that will run alongside the existing fishing port, sports areas and local facilities, helping to re-characterise and diversify these areas.

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