Switzerland : Urban project on the Paradiso riverbanks

Waterside project
Regeneration of the urban coastline
Tourism development

Client :
Comune de Paradiso

BASE + Bruno Huber
+ 5+1AA

Paradiso / Switzerland
Distance / 2 km
Competition / 2016

The distinction between a place and a location is central to this project.

There is a place in Paradiso which is defined and delimited by a series of punctual locations, linked by the linear shoreline. The thickness of this line at any point determines the landscape design. A unique path anchored in Lugano allows for the visual and physical appropriation of the project and along the promenade between the water and the ground, a novel playground will arouse interest, extending up to the panoramic fountain.

Two types of activities coexist here; social and immersive. Strolling is a game of curiosity which involves watching and being watched. Sheltered from the noise and visual pollution we can immerse ourselves in the elements; water, sun and fresh air. If paradise is a garden, where the enclosed garden (hortus conclusus) is defined by the wall which surrounds it, so the landscape of the Riva Paradiso is also a wall. An element of protection and separation, this wall is also a point of contact, a challenge, a temptation, a stranger. Here we experience a physical and social adventure where it becomes possible to touch and experience the water.

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