Imagine Angers : Quai Saint-Serge site

Project management
Rooftop terraces
River banks

Client :
OCDL – Groupe Giboire

Hamonic & Masson + BASE
+ Franck Boutté Consultants

Angers / France
Budget / 1,46 M€
Surface area / 2 ha
Competition winner / 2018
Ongoing/ APS

The project is in an ideal location. It benefits from the large river park, the ice rink, a tram station and a quality public space.

The exterior development projects ensure the continuity of urban and landscape connections through pedestrian routes and thresholds and links to the future flood zone park and the botanical garden. The landscape embraces the organic nature of the architecture, establishing continuity with the future 5 hectare park connecting the Saint Serge district to the lower valleys of Angevin and Maine. This creates several considerably contrasting atmospheres, from shady cool habitats on the ground floor to exposed and dry habitats on the upper terraces. Native species adapted to each particular situation creates diversity in plant environments.

The landscape design uses the building structure to organise a gradation of spaces and to optimise and use as much natural light as possible. The endemic flora needs to acclimatise to the building’s ecosystem, creating a scenographic image of perennials, climbing plants on structures and even plant walls. The outdoor spaces are designed as pleasure gardens inspired by nature and the Angevin landscape. We aim to create spaces that are as natural as possible, able to replicate different natural plant layers.

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