Nantes : riverbanks of Nantes Island's design

Contracting authority : SAMOA
BASE mandatory landscape designers + SAFEGE + Transitec + Champalbert expertises + Le Bruit du Frigo


Nantes / Loire-Atlantique
budget / 6,6 M€
length / 1 km
delivery / 2015

The design of the Loire edges is one the main component of the Île de Nantes urban project.

The choice has been made to strenghthen two different ambiances on each side of the Général Audibert bridge.

On the West side (Rhuys and Hoche banks), it is taken care to highlight what is already existing : paved ground, plane trees line, site typology... It is about extending here the local uses and cultures that progressively accumulated themselves on the river banks.

Past the Audibert bridge, the East side is perceived as a newer place from where new uses may arise. Here, invention comes first. The design proposal enhances the natural and water-related character of the banks, where it is wished to set an open-air café.

In adjacent streets, general traffic principles are based upon the idea of calming it down by giving a specific attention to their connection to the banks (in particular thanks to heightened squares). On the banks, the main objective is to recreate continuities between sustainable travel modes and to re-establish soft transitions wherever they have been interrupted by road infrastructures. All slopes are maintained but pathways are created so that any public can access to it.

On the river edge, a metallic footbridge allows pedestrian wandering when the tide rises and floods the bottom of the bank. Terraced seats offers a great view on the river. On the banks’ high part, it is taken benefit from the site typology to create balconies upon the Loire, giving rhythm to the flowpath.