Lyon : Rives de Saône

Contracting authority : Communauté Urbaine du Grand Lyon

BASE paysagistes mandataire + SOTREC + DVVD + HYDRATEC + Champalbert + ON


Lyon / Rhône

budget / 4,7 M€ 

linear / 1,9 km 

completion / 2013


For this project, BASE wanted to allow the largest public to access to the riverbank of the Saône. This approach will transform lastingly the perception of the upstream part of landscape of Saône, just before the city of Lyon.

In a global context of urban return to nature and seeking entertainment venues at the cities’ gates, this project of Rives de Saône creates a network between unexpected landscape territories along the river.

BASE aims for a contrasting itinerary over the water, with many experiences that will give a characteristic and privileged report to the landscape and the Saône. Observation and immersion in this landscape are developed to be as close as possible to the water, as to coming to encroach upon the river it with a pontoon.

The idea is to propose riverbanks where biodiversity and passengers live together thanks to an easy use.

This path of nature is like an alive organ, a natural dynamic that appearance and richness would be modified with the level of the Saône.

The landscaping project established will have for foundations plants and landscape structures existing, offering to the Lyonnais a possible (re)discovery of the riparian forest and a space where the nature reasserts itself. It would be a space of poetry where people would meet, walk and relax.


Publications :
2011.04 - AMC - par Françoise Moiroux
2011.09.11 - Beaux-Arts magazine