St-Étienne : city of design

Contractor : Saint-Étienne Métroplole
Team : LIN architecte mandataire + BASE lansdscape designer + BETOM ingenering + Cyprium économiste+ A+T + Altia
Construction : BRIO Jarcieux


Saint-Étienne / Loire
budget / 50 M€
surface / 20 000 m2
completed / 2008


The city of design is located on the site of an old arms factory formerly owned by GIAT industries. 200 meters long, the main building was named ‘the plate’ by its architects from Berlin.
The main connector is surrounded by public spaces: restored parade grounds, 2 restored historical gardens and a new factory square. Soft lanes are designed to serve the entire site: several indoor and outdoor research and exhibition areas, the observatory, the new college of arts and architecture and the tramway.