Paris : Place de la Défense

Contracting Authority : Defacto

BASE mandatory + Explorations + ON + Nadine Schütz + SOGETI

La Défense / Hauts-de-Seine

budget / 10 M€

surface / 2,5 ha

delivery / 2019

In 2017 BASE won the international competition for the new place de la Défense. This means 2.5 hectares of public space located at the very exact baricenter of Europe’s largest business district.

This public space project is entirely out of ground, and was first initiated by Defacto in order to solve some flooding technical problems underneath. Eventualy, a total new space is imagined, with a total new approach on both circulations and functions.

The story behind our project is about a question on the nature of this out of ground soil, its artificial matter and evolution.

This question is shaped into a kind of garden, a garden that would be a delicate arrangement of pieces of art, plants, a sheet of water, curves and lines, surfaces and reflections of both visual and acoustics. Its aim is to reveal the never ending theater of people who cross and inhabit the place.

We would like to offer to the monumental square a unique sensual and organic dimension, an environmental caracter, the softness of a piece of landscape.It shall not be an urban nor architectural composition, but more of a work of styling and integration of elements conceived in the XXth century by famous artists such as Calder, Mirò, Aillaud, Rie and O’Loughlin into a large contemporary, watery, welcoming and sonic garden»