Nantes : Îlot Brossette

Contracting authority : Kaufman & Broad


BASE landscape designers + LAN architecture + BATISERF + ATPI + Franck Bouté + Leibar Seigneurin + Fernandez et Serres


Nantes / Loire Atlantique
budget / 
outdoor surface / 12 150 m²
delivery / 2016


The Brossette Block project is part of the urban planning project that is currently transforming the Ile de Nantes.

On a large scale, the goal is to connect the site to the quays of the island that we also have designed.


The Brossette Block is a new pedestrian district, crossed by a large convivial public space composed by different thematic gardens that echos with architecture. It creates a continuity between eastern housings and western State building, it unifies the urban frame with the sequence of public spaces orientated towards the boulevard, on the new heart of the block or on the quay at the north. The alternation of buildings draws collective spaces with different proportions, light, and atmospheres.


The ground aspect varies according to a system of gardens and squares that offer various amenities to the various users. It takes the colour of the buildings and integrates an ornemental pattern : ponctual elements of water, flowers, colours. A real care is provided to rainwater management with the creation of sunken gardens and  infiltration areas. 

Each collective space results from the programmation but also from the definition of their specific character according to their own dimensions and atmospheres. 


Finally, the vegetation changes from the north near the river, with a vegetation typical of the river landscape, to the south with an acclimatized vegetation with more horticultural species.