Lille : Fashion fringes

Contractor : Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine
BASE landscape designer + TER landscape designer mandatory + OGI BET


Lille Sud / Nord
budget / 3 M€
surface / 12 000 m²
completed / 2005


In the scope of Lille 2004, European capital of culture, the city decided to engage in the rehabilitation of the rue du Faubourg des Postes in Lille-Sud, by proposing the opening of designer boutiques and fashion-oriented facilities in a view to improve on the district’s bad reputation.
In support of this innovative project in terms of urban renewal, BASE was commissioned by SORELI to undertake a preliminary study so as to 1) determine the conditions of success for the project, 2) produce a brand image for the street and 3) propose a development linked to the programme “Faubourg des Modes”.
Subsequently, Lille Métropole Communauté Urbaine entrusted BASE with the design supervision of the development project, in association with TER agency (moderator) and OGI for technical design and engineering.
The project consisted in a never-ending series of proposals on ground layouts, street furniture or roadworks’ profiles. All aspects were thoroughly tackled –using drawing boards- during discussions with the various players (LMCU, city council, community council, associations). The final arbitration was made by the elected representatives and the project completed in 2005.
The layout is inspired by carpet patterns, street levelling has been entirely modified, and all manholes have been integrated. Specific furniture elements have been designed: concrete and wooden planters placed in front of windows linked with the programme “Faubourg des modes”, frame support for ditches, plantations’ protection, etc.


Publications :
2005.02.25 - Le moniteur