Cornebarrieu : school

Contractor : SEM Constellation
BASE landscape designer + Duncan Lewis architect mandatory


Cornebarrieu / Haute-Garonne
budget / 0,6 M€
surface / 1 ha
completion / 2012


The ZAC Monges-Croix du Sud comprises a series of constructible « platforms » set freely around a vast linear park. A major and pivotal area of the project, the public park is characterised by a large clearing which lies in the hilly plateau’s continuum. It is designed as a naturistic enveloppe whose afforestation, lighter in the center, offers visibility from the platforms which will come to surround it. Thus, the platform’s environment comes in line with the continuity of the park’s landscape.
The platform is an irregular quadrangle with each of its edges strictly rectilinear. To the South-East and South-West, a slope offers a transition between the natural terrain and the platform’s surface. It has a maximal inclination of 1 out of 4 and is planted with hedgerows. This project also has to allow for the future development of a park forest to the South and East of the school.
These hedgerows bring variety, colour -through blooms, various foliages- and transparency. The landscape opens on the banks of the Rouchet brook to the South and on the recreation area to the East, with the sports ground, gymnasium, and the future park forest.
Finally, the separation hedge is linear to the South, whereas it is interrupted to the East so as to allow for loading areas and restricted access to the equipment rooms and the sports ground. In keeping with the vegetal palette of hedges, it seems relevant to use caduc foliages (the whole process creates an opening in the surrounding landscape) planted irregularly and alternate with evergreen foliages, to give this hedge a dynamic and varied rythm.