Bouzincourt : square

Contractor : Commune de Bouzincourt
BASE landscape designer


Bouzincourt / Somme
budget / 1,5 M€
surface / 25 000 m²
completed / 2006


A farming village, Bouzincourt engaged in the restoration of its main public spaces over a 4 year period.
Two squares, two city entrances and a sports ground are subject to urban planning; a landscape charter sets the guidelines for future developments.
The village square and the church square (already developed in 2005) are located on slopes. Level variations are characteristic of these mostly mineral developments. Monuments and businesses/shops are highlighted by volume compositions which delimit pedestrian areas protected from traffic by low retaining walls.
The city entrances and public spaces contiguous to the main road are subject to planning proposals also aiming to put some distance between pedestrian paths and vehicles, all the while allowing for easier movements and better integration of functional amenities: school bus stops, sports ground, parking spaces.