Saint-Germain – En Laye : RN13 Economic Territories

Green network
Territorial study
Economic landscape
Economic corridor
Inter-municipal development
High Quality Service Park
Eco – neighbourhood

Client :

+ François Leclercq urbanistes + Sophie Simonet consultante commerce + AEU écologue
+ RiO

St-Germain + Orgeval / Yvelines
Surface / 43 ha
Study / 2011

Commercial hangars have gradually crept into the RN13 infrastructural corridor, attracted by the facility of the motorway network.

From an urban and political point of view, this corridor should allow inter-city consolidation around a common collective project, the development of a new landscape. Generating an economic landscape that is visible from within the corridor creates consistency. Just as ecological principles cannot function alone, the strength of the system depends on a convergence of actions…

The development of the PHNS will be based on the physical characteristics and values ​​of the site: with the recovery of structures (walls, plot lines that define volumes in which the new buildings could adapt to), the development of agricultural wastelands (biomass agriculture, urban fallows, ephemeral architecture), and the improvement of ecological corridors, making them more visible. The plains of the agricultural landscape are not just available land but are also the basis on which all new interventions will be structured.

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