Russia : Urban project on the Kazan riverbanks

Waterside project
Regeneratio of the urban coastline
Tourism development

Client :
Agency for the Strategic Development «CENTER»

+ IND Architects

Kazan / Russie
Surface / 1,86 km2
Competition / 2015

Today, the shores of the river are being rediscovered and recognised as sensitive development spaces.

The town of Kazan is at the heart of a new dynamic development located at the intersection of rich cultural and landscape territories. The remediation project improves the quality of life of the local residents helping to increase the influence of the town. Today, with a remarkable heritage of culture and nomadic migration, the town is a dynamic worldwide meeting place (particularly noted for sport events) The principal objective is to make the town more innovative in terms of landscape and ecology.

The three lakes create a basis on which we can develop a project inscribed in its territory from the beginning. The location, potential and dimensions of the lakes make the project unique. Leaning on the ‘genius of the place’, the proposed PhytoPark establishes an urban ecosystem offering multiple ecological services. Today the riparian landscape is heavily polluted and decontamination must be aesthetic and environmental. The project is an image of innovation and urban comfort consisting of a decontaminated island, an ecological swimming pool planted with vegetation which gradually cleans the water and floating elements which emerge from the lake. The Phyto Park rediscovers the three lakes in Kazan. It expresses a unique eco cultural landscape; a durable ecosystem which regulates the ecological resilience of the site, uses and the economy.

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