Médoc : Riparian and Oceanic beach strategies

Territorial study and pre operational sector
Coast line
Protection of habitats
Public welcome centre
Management of flow and mobility

Client :
Communauté de communes des Lacs Médocains

BASE (Team representative)
+ INDDIGO expert mobilités

Médocaines / Gironde beaches
Study / 75 000 €
Surface area / 13 stations
Date / 2014-2015

Product of the political vision of the MIACA, the oceanic and riparian resorts of the Médoc are part of a magnificent preserved landscape.

It is in this context that the Study for the reorganisation of the 13 Plans of the Beaches in the commune of the Lac Médocains was launched. Initially, after a complete diagnosis, surveys, questionnaires and counters were used in order to better understand the behaviour and movements of users. This was followed by a site reflection on two scales – the intercommunal scale and the sectorial scale. This allowed us to accommodate elements of attractiveness and key movements whilst still taking into account several factors; the evolution of the coast line, the preservation of habitats, flooding and fire risks, the reversibility of developments and research into improving the overall economical management of the sites.

9 main planning logics were defined and carried out at the scale of each location

To adapt to the effects of erosion and to preserve habitats

  1. To proportion out parking which can be adapted to the function of the site throughout the seasons
  2. To optimise the security of the beaches
  3. To create a plan of soft transport
  4. To intensify the offer of services
  5. To improve the landscape aspect of the sites
  6. To define a constructive image
  7. To create a signage system for the beaches
  8. To encourage animation of the sites

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