Libourne : The banks of the Isle and of the Dordogne

Project management
Linear park
Soft transport links
Heritage and tourism
Flow management

Client :
Mairie de Libourne

BASE – Team representative
+ ALTO + Les éclaireurs+ Champalbert Expertises
+ Exploration architecture

Libourne / Gironde
Budget / 5 M€
Distance / 4 km
Competition / 2015

The river banks in Libourne have been abandoned for a long time. Today Libourne is embarking on an ambitious urban and landscape redevelopment project.

This regeneration involves the whole 4km linear edge of the commune. The location of this landscape at the confluence of the Isle and Dordogne makes it particularly unique. The site is a green tip, a territorial meridian, an outgrowth of the town centre and a free space and our project highlights this through the creation of a public park which widens the linear promenade.

The pedestrianisation of the river banks is accompanied by new amenities on offer for different users. The project responds to the current profile of the banks which is characterised by horizontal elements. We propose a diverse array of spaces with playful, sport, recreational, relaxation and contemplative functions spread out in linear, horizontal formation along the banks. The horizon is unobstructed, creating a 180 degree panoramic view of the confluence.

The municipality wants to renew the identity of the town through this project which will give it a more contemporary image. Our project draws on the dynamic nature of the fluvial landscape, a landscape which never stops moving, influenced by tides and swells, but equally animated by the seasonal arrival of cruise passengers and boating. The project accommodates their arrival, manages flow and circulation, opens horizons and proposes emblematic places like for example the Mascaret Playground (which is like a wave which rushes over the children) and the tidal wheel at the end of the jetty which is moved by hydraulic currents.

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