Issy : Autonomous Port

Public space
Industrial heritage
Banks of the Seine

Client :
Port Autonome

BASE + Lanoire & Courrian architecte – Team representative

Issy-les-Mx / Hauts-de-Seine
Budget / 8 M€
Surface / 4 ha
Competition / 2007

This project involves developing a logic of pedestrian links along the banks of the Seine from the Parc André Citroën up to the Ile Saint Germain.

Despite the importance of creating stronger continuity,  we felt it was important not to wager the whole design on a ‘pseudo – continuity’ of the river banks by trying to duplicate a classic quayside public space design. In fact, in this specific imposing and industrial context, we orientated the project on a larger, territorial scale, through the creation an intercommunal pathway. The result is a linear universe where the atmosphere, the rhythm and the quality of space have a decidedly industrial nature.

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