Combourg : Ille-et-Vilaine

Sports complex
Cross country garden
Fitness trail
Traffic & parking
Sports grounds

Client :
Comm. de communes Bretagne Romantique

BASE – Team representative
+ Jean Dubus architecte

Combourg / Ille-et-Vilaine
Budget / 3 M€
Surface / 7,5 ha
Completed / 2007

In Brittany, the landscape is full of legends; anything from Breton or inter-celtic folklore about a grave, to a story about Merlin the magician, fairies or gnomes……

The project is about our own romantic vision of brittany, of strange forests and tormented landscapes.

  • Freak forests
  • Monster tree nurseries
  • Geriatric vegetation
  • Purgatory of old oak trees
  • Fluffy mounds
  • Clumps of dunes
  • Punishment park

We defined a ridge line based on the existing watershed line between the Combourg ponds in the south and the stream in the North; it is the boundary between two landscapes.

In the south, the ‘sports plateau,’ (a word to be taken literally as well as figuratively,) is found at the edge of the town of Combourg. A geometric composition of pedestrian pathways, roads and sports grounds is embedded in trees which also act as a windbreak. This incongruous mass absorbs the sports grounds and nets, roads and car parks.

In the north, a garden influenced by british culture, designed ‘à l’anglaise’ in punk style, marks the end of the plateau and pre empts the bucolic wooded breton countryside. There is a fitness pathway, a physical exercise ground, a playing field, a cross country path, relaxation mounds and equipment and other accessories linked to the ‘cult of the body.’

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