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We believe in playgrounds that encourage risk taking in order to develop a playful dimension and an opportunity for discovery and learning.

Design of a playground can trigger a child’s imagination, allowing them to create their own story within the space. Unique, tailor made playgrounds offer an experience of adventure and exploration.

The rampart wave | Site Sergent Blandan, Lyon.

Le Panier & le Télescope | Bordeaux – Pessac Zoo.


Nantes : The embankments of the île de Nantes

Lyon : Blandan park

Lyon : The Rampart Wave

Lyon : Clos Layat park

Lormont : General Headquarters

Valenciennes : Nungesser Stadium

St-Nazaire – Sports Grounds

Combourg : Ille-et-Vilaine

Le Tampon : The Ascent of the Volcano

Paris : Belleville Playground

La Verrière Bois de l’Etang : Development of the pedestrian network