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How do the pre existing forces of nature influence a landscape masterplan? They inspire the initial spatial structure of a project.

The landscape principles that are developed in a project are supported by valuable pre existing spatial dispositions and existing vegetation. The natural habitat is fundamental to our design. Rather than drawing formal geometric axes that create an incomplete design detached from the landscape, we prefer to be guided by the existing geography of a site, historical traces or spontaneous agricultural paths. This approach guides us in design, grounding man-made urban developments in geography and landscape.

South West district of the île de Nantes


Nantes : The embankments of the île de Nantes

Perpignan : Têt Valley

Nîmes LGV : Multimodal urban hub

Gironde : Jalles Park

La Réunion : Ecocity

China : Guilin

Parisis – Pierrelaye : RD 14 Economic Territories

Libourne : The banks of the Isle and of the Dordogne

Montpellier : Metropolis & territory

Bordeaux Euratlantique