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Neighbourhoods need to reinterpret their relationship to the river, to imagine new uses and functions on the banks.

By rethinking this interaction with the water, we are also questioning the relationship between water and the city, the social interactions that take place on riverbanks, beaches and quays. Thinking about the river is an opportunity for a city to question its identity, to offer to its citizens a new way of meeting up, new walking routes and new ways of expression.


Nantes : The embankments of the île de Nantes

Perpignan : Têt Valley

Nantes : Framework agreement: Erdre Porterie Development Area

Perpignan : Banks of the Têt

Lorient : Boulevard du Scorff

Lyon : Riverbanks of the Saône / Nature trail

Le Perreux-sur-Marne : Beach and banks of the Artois

Russia : Urban project on the Kazan riverbanks

Switzerland : Urban project on the Paradiso riverbanks

Libourne : The banks of the Isle and of the Dordogne

Issy : Autonomous Port

Grisolles Dieupentale : The banks of the Garonne Canal