The street is where public life unfolds, a place to pass through, to socialise, relax and play. It is both a meeting place and a waiting room.

This complex and diverse function requires a rich and diverse programme. The streetscape needs to accommodate space for everyone; whether able bodied or disabled, young or old alike. A thriving accessible urban space can be key in renewing vibrancy and attractiveness in a city center.


Lyon : Place d’Armes et parvis Sardou

Lyon : ZAC des Girondins

Le Bouscat : Libération centre-ville

Vienne : Piétonnisation du centre-ville

Soorts-Hossegor : Aménagement du bourg

Bordeaux : Aubiers-Cracovie

Gray : Lycée Fertet restructuration du bâtiment Boichut / Place

Duingt : Place Saint François