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Gathering a wide range of stakeholders and involving them in the design process allows for a unique and creative outcome.

Co-design bridges ideas from diverse backgrounds by inviting people who usually take a more passive role as an opportunity to get involved and get their hands dirty. The co-creation of a location-specific piece of urban furniture is a good example of how such a process can take place. Ingenious and poetic ideas emerge from artistic and cultural collaborative workshops supervised by a design team acting as a curator.


BASE & Bruit du Frigo | The Fishery – Île de Nantes, Nantes.

BASE & Daniel Martin Vanneur de France | Saint-Martin Meadows, Rennes.

BASE & Bruit du Frigo | Mount Blandan – Lyon : Blandan Park

BASE & Nicolas Vrignaud | Signalétique – Lyon : Blandan Park

BASE & Bruit du Frigo | Montpellier, University campus

BASE & Dérive | Montleger : Lorient Park

BASE & Bruit du Frigo | Les Mureaux : Molière Park.


Rennes : Saint-Martin meadows

Nantes : The embankments of the île de Nantes

Lyon : Champ de la Confluence

Lyon : Blandan park

Perpignan : Têt Valley

Nantes : Framework agreement: Erdre Porterie Development Area

Perpignan : Banks of the Têt

Montéleger : Lorient Park

Martinique : Volga beach

Pau : Landscape development of the Zaragoza neighbourhood

Les Mureaux : Molière Park