BASE (Bien Aménager Son Environnement / Build A Super Environment) is a team of more than thirty landscape designers, architects, and engineers founded by three government-approved (dplg) landscape architects from the Versailles National School of Landscape Architecture : Franck Poirier, Bertrand Vignal and Clément Willemin.
BASE founds its reflection on a cross-analysis between urban (architecture/landscape) and aesthetic (garden art/contemporary art) approaches.
The projects' implementation is based on the status and nature of spaces, all the while taking into account the evolutive and unreachable character of the city and the territory.
Since 2000, BASE has carried out the design and supervision of landscape (public parks, city parks, tourist parks, outdoor public areas, linear developments) and urban (urban planning and roadworks) projects.
From Rennes to Strasbourg, Belgium to La Réunion, our team based in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux brings together the cream of French and international architects, designers and engineers to develop and design projects which put the human side at the heart of their priorities.